and Syria...

A few weeks ago when I was out of the country I saw a lot of coverage on Syria. And I said to myself I bet in the states they are watching Donald Trump. And Unfortunately I was right. So for those who don't know ISIL/ISIS has taken over Syria and people are fleeing. They are trying to get into Europe and some places like Germany are making provisions for them, other countries either can't or won't.
At this point women are being sold at Market into slavery.
Today I attended "Civil Society Watch: Governments’ Commitments to Action." During one of the forums Dr. Mouna Ghanem, Co-Founder of "Syrian Women’s Forum for Peace (SWFP)" pushed through her tears and spoke very passionately about the issue. I made sure to ask what people could do to help and her suggestion, in addition to government intervention was to help the Syrian's make a home on the bordering countries because many want to return once ISIL is out. She mentioned how one woman needs $500 to continue her college education in a neighboring state but can't afford it. Nothing I wrote does her talk justice because even as she sat down you could see she was still almost in tears, distracted with the problems of her homeland.