Diversity in IT: Interop Las Vegas Dispels the Talent Gap & Brings Focus to Importance of Women in Tech

In the high-tech industry, innovation often outweighs diversity. IT teams should be representative of the entire company, yet research points to evidence of ageism and a significant gender gap. Interop Las Vegas will celebrate diversity efforts within the tech community and face its inhibitors head-on. From a unique panel discussion on the myth of the talent gap, to special sessions highlighting the importance of women in IT, Interop's conference speakers include a range of seasoned IT leaders and diversity advocates.

Diversity in IT and the Myth of the Talent Gap

Does your IT department look like the rest of your company? We're not talking about fashion choices. These days, with IT executives often viewed by their business colleagues as inhibitors to speed and success, and with shadow IT becoming in increasingly common in the enterprise, your own colleagues want to see faces in IT that reflect their own.