A Free (or Really Cheap) Office in the Clouds

If you have access to a computer and an internet connection, you can manage your business operations for little to no cost. This is critical when you are in the startup stage or need to keep a tight rein on expenses. Open source tools and cloud applications have eased the hassle of setting up and managing information technology. Today, companies of all sizes assign file storage, email servers, downloadable software and collaboration with colleagues all over the world to cloud-based information systems.

They Sequestered My Kale

Original: http://blaqswans.org/en/2013/03/the-government/
They sequestered my kale

Well that is how I see it when I stare at the vegetable section at Whole Foods or Whole Pay check as we so lovingly call it. It’s so pretty; beautifully displayed and maintained. Bright colored vegetables perfectly arranged slightly mist with water from the automatic sprinklers and the knowledgeable and friendly workers.

Black women find themselves single and happy ever after

More and more women are finding success in the workplace today. By the end of this year, studies show more than half of the American workforce will be female.

But for many African-American women, with success comes something else. A recent Yale study found successful, educated black women born after 1950 were twice as likely to be single – compared to white women of the same age.

But single doesn’t mean unhappy, as writer Nika Beamon explores in her book, “I Didn’t Work this Hard Just to Get Married.”